You don’t leave kids in the car like a discarded jacket!

628x471[1]Additional evidence is being sought by Cobb County authorities in connection with the death of Cooper Harris, who died after he was left in his father’s car in Vinings two weeks ago. Cooper’s father, Justin Ross Harris, remains in the Cobb County Jail after last week’s probable cause hearing.

“We talked a little bit about these computers; have you guys done examinations on these computers?” asked Cobb prosecutor Chuck Boring of Detective Phil Stoddard as he sat on the witness stand in Harris probable cause hearing Thursday.

“We have,” Stoddard responded.

“Are you finished with your examination of these computers?”

“We’ve only scratched the surface,” Stoddard answered ominously.

“These experts in law enforcement have been trained in computer forensics,” said Greg Evans of Hi Tech Crime Solutions. “They have the best software in the world that will go in and go through each sector. It may not take a day. It can take a month; it can take a week; or it can take 6 months depending on how much data you have on there.”

Harris had access to at least three computers. And police say it’s clear he was covering his tracks in all of them.


And while this high profile case takes place in our backyard — or at least in my case, nearly in sight of my front door — another case surfaced this weekend in Florida.

Thirty-two-year-old St. Petersburg mother Natasha Graver left her 4-month-old child locked in a van with the windows rolled up for more than three hours while she attended a funeral. She claims she forgot the child was there.

Thank God the baby is going to be okay.

Graver has been charged with a single count of felony child abuse and has since bonded out of jail.