The KKK is recruiting in Atlanta!? What year is it again!?

The Ku Klux Klan is at it again — trying to recruit new members to its cause. As if that was bad enough, the even crazier thing is that a group tied to them spent this past weekend in the middle of the city of Atlanta, practically in the shadow of Sweet Auburn and the MLK Memorial, posting fliers on telephone poles and walls.

The fliers, which feature the legend “Loyal White Knights Neighborhood Watch” and a graphic showing a hooded klansman pointing in an Uncle Sam-like pose with the caption “The KKK Wants You,” were posted to walls and telephone poles in the Cabbagetown area.

The signs were ripped down shortly after they were posted.

The signs were very similar to ones posted in several Alabama towns last month. They’ve been recruiting across other parts of the nation quite a bit lately.

I know that a lot of conservatives are not happy with President Obama. Neither am I, but this is going completely off the deep end of the gene pool.

Then again, maybe it’s best the Klan-types are doing this — so we know which idiots ought to be deported and sent over to Al Qaeda land. Deport ’em anywhere. Just get ’em out of this country and away from civilized folk.

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