30 day writing challenge, Day 2: Monday, 2/27

I'm convinced migraines are a punishment from on high. I just haven't figured out what for.

I've suffered from them since I was a kid and had no clue as to what they were. I'd get a dizzy feeling that would eventually block out everything from my vision, save a small tunnel directly in front of me, then would come the dull roar and the blinding pain. 

I eventually learned about auras and halos and migraine triggers and other such things. I now know some things to avoid, but sometimes, they just happen. Now, I know that my allergies are a big trigger, so I'm rarely without my allergy meds or my migraine meds nearby. But some days, like yesterday, just happen.


So, what have I done wrong this time?

Haven't figured it out yet. If you do ahead of my, can you let me know?

In the meantime, I gotta go.


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