Stepping off the liberal plantation

A white liberal who heard me on the radio years ago called me a sellout and a traitor to my race. At that point, I got insulted, but after a moment of listening to him rant, I had to laugh.

He had the audacity to tell me that I was ungrateful and how dare I question what I had been "given."

Pretty bloody sad if you ask me. I guess I was supposed to bow and scrape and kiss the very ground that liberal walked upon because of what he "sacrificed" for me to be able to vote, let alone think my own mind. Last I checked, he had no connection with my past and had no ground in my upbringing or learning about the difference between following my so-called leaders and discovering how to think for myself and how to make political decisions for myself.

So many liberals, black and white, love to toss names around — Uncle Tom, oreo, sellout, and worse names. I've certainly been called them all by both blacks and whites over the years — as have many black libertarians and conservatives. After all, we have departed the political plantation to live and think for ourselves

Black Conservatives have chosen to speak out against the black genocide (abortion of black babies), high poverty rates among blacks, the welfare conditions, the poor education system, the removal of God, the high unemployment rates of black men, and basically the continued slavery, period.   That is not selling out.

Last I checked, it certainly wasn't selling out — if anything, it was providing additional dialogue that can and will add to the collective intelligence. Ah, but I guess intelligence is not the goal for the nay-sayers, is it? 


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