The [Conservative] Awakening of Black America

Many would argue that Black America is already awake and enlightened, while just as many would argue otherwise. 

I've said for many years that despite the vilification of black conservative thought, that we as a socio-economic class, will continue to languish as long as we maintain a monolithic mindset and refuse to allow dissenting views to participate constructively in the collective thought process. But there is hope — as noted by Bruce Bialosky's July 4 column for TownHall, "The Awakening of Black America."

The last election had 14 Black Americans running for Congress as Republicans. Two of them, Tim Scott and Allen West, were the first Black Republicans elected to Congress since the retirement of J. C. Watts a decade ago. The census showed a major migration of Black Americans from the cities in the North, where they were treated as wards of the government, to places where there is greater opportunity. And spurred by films such as “Waiting for Superman,” more Black parents are standing up against the Democrat/Education establishment that produces thousands of barely-literate children with a bleak future – if they graduate at all.

Happy birthday America…


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