The Truth About Race, Religion, And The Honor Code At BYU

Deadspin has an interesting — albeit long — article about race and the honor code at Brigham Young University.

With the overall big have-to-do about basketball player Brandon Davies in the last weeks of the college basketball season, a light is finally being shown on BYU's honor code and its treatment of athletes (black ones in particular) at the Mormon school. Many say this points to a discriminatory message from BYU toward blacks, and while Mormons do have a history of not being like blacks (including a long-standing rumor that according to the Mormon faith, the first thing blacks do when they die is that they "turn white"), I think the issue is more one of those who are Mormons versus those who are not. 

As a Mormon institution, BYU is going to focus on that faith, and anyone who is outside of that faith (i.e., most of the rest of us) is persona-non-grata. They want to keep to themselves. Let 'em.


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