Welcome to 2011 — Time to get up and do something

The first day of any year is a jumping on/off point that may use and point to for new beginnings. 

With that in mind, I've made a conscious choice — as have many — to make positive changes in my life. Among those, is to stop one of my biggest problems. Procrastination has stopped me from doing so many things in my life, but this is something that I've worked hard to eradicate. And with the birth of the new year, this is as good a time as any to continue that trend. 

I've talked for years about getting back to writing. I used to write regularly — back before I went to work for Channel 11. My writings tended to wax political the majority of the time, which gained me plenty of attention not only online, but on the national political stage as well. Some of my writings appeared in a significant number of newspapers across the nation; I've been quoted by national political figures, and pundits alike. I appeared on television as a result of my work.  Some of my writings were even entered into the Congressional Record as tied to several topics, including the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. 

But, as I said, I stepped away from that more than five years ago. 

People make resolutions for each year — and resolutions are easily broken. I make goals and plans, and put those plans into action. One of my plans right now, is to write something each and every day. And, for me, there is no better place than online. Some of the things I write about may be exciting, while some may be exceedingly mundane. Some may be political, some may simply dote on my children. I'm sure some will detail my journey to better my health — which has had its fits and starts, but now seems to be moving more and more of its own accord (much to my delight).

Those of you who know me will find much of this to be fascinating, or not. Fun, or not. Infuriating, or not. But one thing I can say — I plan to write SOMETHING every day. 

I have no problem expressing myself overall. And I have no problem with standing up for what I believe. I hope you will at least listen, and on those occasions that I toss something unique and off the cuff out on the table, I ask that you simply think. No need to agree with me — hell, most folks don't with a lot of what I've got to say. But if you at least stop and think about what I'm saying, you just might find some unique and special insight into what is inside you. And that, to me — learning something new about myself — is exciting and a hell of a lot of fun.

So Happy New Year. Let's go.


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