Leo’s Empire has finally caught the attention of the “mainstream” media

Leo Laporte's TWIT network is an online compedium of podcasts and broadcasts that come from TWIT HQ north of San Francisco. 

It's a 24/7 video/audio network and a collection of podcasts and videocasts (self-styled as "netcasts") geared toward the geeks among us. The shows cover mainstream technical topics ("This Week In Tech" — whose acronym is the network's name), gadgets ("The Daily Giz Wiz" with Mad Magazine's Dick DeBartolo as host), and more than 50 hours a week in new programming on an ongoing basis. More than a quarter-million people tune into the network's podcasts and live streams, and another half-million catch Laporte's weekly radio broadcast "The Tech Guy", which is carried on more than 140 radio stations and Sirius/XM radio each weekend.

The NY Times has a look at TWIT and Leo's growth into a new style of media mogul. 

As for me? I'll pop on TWIT in the background and listen to more "Netcasts you love from people you trust…"


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