This is just plain disgusting…

A panel discussion on the publicly-funded ABC television network in Australia earlier this month went out of its way to all but promote the practice of bestiality.

An exchange from the program shows just how far over the edge this went…

HOST TONY JONES : We have a web question from Deirdre Baker in NSW. QUOTES: “Peter Singer, in your 2001 article ‘Heavy Petting’ you state that mutually satisfying sexual activity between humans and animals can develop. Please explain.”

PROFESSOR PETER SINGER: It is a fact that there is sexual contact between some humans and animals. I was raising the question why we have such a taboo on this. Sometimes it involves cruelty and the infliction of power and dominance on an animal, and clearly I oppose that. There can be occasions, I don’t know how much vivid description you want.

TONY JONES: Go ahead.

PROFESSOR PETER SINGER: I’m clearly not on American television tonight, because no American host would have said that. An example is a woman has oral sex performed by her dog.

PROFESSOR JAYATHRI KULKARNI: Brings new meaning to doggy style!

PROFESSOR PETER SINGER: Women have said this is something that pleases them, the dog is free to do it or walk away, there’s no dominance over the dog, that seems harmless.

SENATOR HELEN COONAN: This is a trained dog, obviously?

PROFESSOR PETER SINGER: It’s her dog who enjoys doing it and the dog gives pleasure to the companion. I don’t see why we have a taboo.

And the video shows just how ridiculously far afield this conversation gets.

Just damn…

I’m speechless. I got no other words. Just damn.


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