Forrest Gump is Democratic Senate nominee in S.C.

Alvin GreeneAlvin Greene, an unemployed, seemingly-barely literate unknown (read Forrest Gump), somehow picked up 100,000 votes on the Democratic side of the US Senate primary ticket in South Carolina last week. This, with no Web site and no significant advertising.

While I'm not unhappy that Republican incumbent Jim DeMent will likely coast to a reelection bid in November as a result of this, I am left to wonder if this is — as Democratic activists and politicians insist — GOP shenanigans, or simply a matter of the notion of people being upset with establishment and career politicians, so much so that a mass wave of voting for "None Of The Above" hit the Palmetto State.

For any of you who doubt the description of Greene as a "Forrest Gump"-like character, take a look at an interview on MSNBC's daily Keith Olbermann-liberal-love-fest, as couched in Urlesque's description of him:

Speculation continues regarding how this guy, who owns neither a computer nor a cell phone, was able to win over 100,000 votes. So, of course a lot of folks assume that he's some kind of plant by the Republican Party, which seems insane, but it's the only explanation that makes any sense. South Carolina holds open primaries, so Republicans can vote for Democrats and vice versa. The idea is that Republicans voted for some unknown schlub so their guy would be able to easily defeat him. 

Just some simple, old fashioned down-home campaigning. All across the state. Hard work. The guy can barely put words together and is running on no discernible platform. Are we living in some kind of post-apocalyptic banana republic? 

Now comes House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC), who insists that this is nothing short of a grand, high Republican-driven conspiracy. Clyburn, along with the SC Democratic Party, demanding that Greene rescind the nomination — which he grabbed over state establishment candidate Vic Rawl by a more than 10 point margin.

“I know a Democratic pattern, I know a Republican pattern, and I saw in the Democratic primary elephant dung all over the place,” Clyburn said.

Clyburn has suggested Greene may be a plant, but would not directly say he believe the Republican party was responsible.

Last week, South Carolina GOP Party Spokesman Joel Sawyer said there was no truth to the suggestions, and said Democrats were trying to shift blame for not properly vetting their candidate.

Meanwhile, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington is preparing a complaint against Greene’s win.

The group wants the Federal Election Commission to review the results. Executive Director Melanie Sloan expects to file the complaint Tuesday.

Certainly, there are questions — how did unemployed veteran Greene (who supposedly has about $100 in his bank account) come up with the $10,400 filing fee, and how did he grab 100,000 votes statewide with no television advertising and no Web site?

But — as S.C. GOP spokesman said right after Greene's win last week, the Democrats shouldn't be blaming Republicans for their lack of vetting of a candidate in their own primary.

After all, life really is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get inside…


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