Mmmm… Beer….

New beer said to enlarge women’s breasts

JUNE 04, 2010 • 12:28 PM

Inventors of a Bulgarian lager claim their beer has been brewed specifically to make women’s boobs grow bigger. 

Give 'em just a little nip

Bohza beer was originally developed as a health drink to help new mothers who have trouble breast feeding, the Austrian Times reports. It was unclear how the beer, fermented with wheat flour and yeast, helped the women breast feed. 

Women, however, are now flocking to brewers Yavor-M in Ruse after female drinkers started to see their breasts grow one to two cup sizes. 

Brewery spokesman Kristian Gyoshev said the company makes no special claims, but after hundreds of testimonials of eye-popping results explained drinking the lager is “cheaper than any surgery.” 

Boobs with beer bloat, but does it work on men?


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