That’s not bacon…THAT’s BACON!

Bacon Explosion Double Ups the Double Down

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Kentucky Fried ChickenSince KFC released their Double Down sandwich, I’ve had a hankering to sample the sandwich that’s proclaimed to be “so meaty, there’s no room for a bun!” Sporting two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets, two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce, I have high hopes that this meal will fit nicely into my meatatarian lifestyle!

As I first laid eyes upon this glorious progression in the evolution of sandwiches, I was extremely pleased to see every advertised ingredient bursting from sides of the Double Down. The ends of crispy bacon strips were peeking out from underneath slightly melted squares of cheese while the Colonel’s Sauce was seductively tempting me to take the first bite.

Double Down

But before diving in, I decided to crack open this chicken-sandwich-of-doom to see what kind of bacony goodness lay waiting inside. To my surprise, what I found were the two most tiny and putrid looking pieces of pork belly I had ever seen. Each strip was three inches long, a half inch wide at best, and thin enough to see through. Combined, these two strips didn’t even cover a quarter of the fried chicken breast they lay upon.

Double Down

Around my house pork reigns supreme and never takes a backseat to chicken. So I did what any true BBQ Addict would do, and added a hot slice of Bacon Explosion to the middle of my Double Down sandwich to give it the true bacon kick that it was missing. And of course it was glazed with our Burnt Finger BBQ Private Stock Barbecue Sauce to enhance the mayo-based Colonel Sauce that was thoroughly caked on.

Double Down

I quickly reassembled the Double Down by capping the Bacon Explosion slice with the two bacon strips, the second fried chicken breast and eagerly took my first bite.

Double Down

Double Down

As expected, the Doubled Up Double Down was gloriously delicious! The smoky flavor of the Bacon Explosion was the perfect compliment to the crispy fried chicken, and it gave the sandwich the big bold bacon flavor that it deserves. And before you ask…yes, I ate the whole thing!!!

Double Down
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Bacon Explosion Double Ups the Double Down


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