Lump Charcoal is your friend

I use lump charcoal regularly — I pick it up at Publix for about $6 or $7 a bag. As far as I'm concerned, it burns cleaner and faster than briquettes — and it's a lot easier to use.

A lot of folks agree with me. Take a look at this poll from A Hamburger Today:


This Week's Poll Results: Lump Charcoal Wins

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From A Hamburger Today

Here are the results to last week's poll: Do You Grill Burgers with Lump Charcoal or Briquettes?

Lump Charcoal 58%
Briquettes 28%
No preference 16%

If you don't know what kind of lump charcoal to get, you can read product reviews at The Naked Whiz's Lump Charcoal Database.

Thank you for taking our poll, and have a good Memorial Day weekend!


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