The Serge Storms Experience continues with Tim Dorsey’s Gator A-Go-Go

I’ve been a fan of the Serge Storms Experience going all the way back to Florida Roadkill (1999). It’s an annual rite of winter for me, and brings some laugh-out-loud fun to some long cold nights.

In this one, Serge heads to that other annual Florida rite — Spring Break, and not only Spring Break in Panama City that college students all over the eastern third of the country (and MTV) flock to every year, but they go back to the Spring Break of my college days in Daytona Beach, and even venture further south to Fort Lauderdale.

It wouldn’t be part of the Experience if Coleman wasn’t along for the ride, and in Gator A-Go-Go, Coleman is front and center, and in his element — surrounded by booze and drugs — as well as idolized by legions of college kids who are taking notes (notes!) the entire way.

Other Serge Storms Experience mainstays show up — the intrepid Detective Mahoney (who in my mind’s eye looks like Leslie Nielsen’s Frank Drebbin), the geriatric G-Unit (the blue hairs this time are leather-clad and on motorcycles), City and Country, and even the accidental virgin, Johnny Vegas.

Serge’s sense of justice is just as wicked and vicious as ever, and you’ll find yourself cheering for his inventive ways of dealing death to those who cross him (yes. I know that’s sick, but when you become a Serge-ophile, it actually makes sense).

The only thing keeping this from being a five star review is a slightly disjointed intro chapter that may leave you a little confused as they back into the action. (if I could get away with 4 1/2 stars, I’d do it)

If you’ve never partaken in any of the manic books in the Serge Storms Experience, do yourself a favor — go back to the beginning and read Florida Roadkill and come forward in the series. There are plenty of inside jokes and references to prior novels in Gator A-Go-Go. By the third novel, you’ll find yourself casting the characters, and realizing that only a director as manic as perhaps Quentin Tarantino can do justice to Serge and his ways.

On the other hand, if you are a veteran of the Serge Storms Experience, join Serge and Coleman in their old Dodge Challenger for yet another wild trek across the Sunshine State with dead bodies, drunk college kids, the FBI, and the accidental virgin in their wake. While you laugh out loud on the bus, everyone around you will wonder if you’re crazy…and in this case, that’s a good thing.

by Tim Dorsey
January 2010
published in hardcover by William Morrow
$16.49 at Amazon

One thought on “The Serge Storms Experience continues with Tim Dorsey’s Gator A-Go-Go

  1. I just stared reading these last month, so am still in the early books. I’m thrilled Dorsey is still writing the series and that I had many more fun rides ahead!

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