From the ‘Hold Muh Beer ‘n Watch This’ Department…

Police: Drunk Memphis mom runs through school with sword

ASSOCIATED PRESS|The Tennessean  • FEBRUARY 24, 2010

MEMPHIS — Police say the mother of an elementary school student drank a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor before brandishing a sword in her child's school.

Bennie Price told WMC-TV that her daughter, 32-year-old Toni Price went to Riverview Elementary School in Memphis intending to confront the parents of another child who had been in a spitting match with her child the previous day.

According to court records, an employee reported a drunk woman armed with a sword was running through the halls of the school and had threatened to cut her.

Officers who arrived on the scene retrieved a black cane that concealed the blade.

Bennie Price said her daughter would never have hurt anyone at the school.

Toni Price is charged with aggravated assault and having a weapon on school property.


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