Arenas wants to cop a plea — hopefully it will involve losing his job

ArenasWizards.jpgWashington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas — currently under suspension by the NBA for bringing a handgun into the team’s locker room and pointing it at another player on Christmas Eve is finally trying to cop a plea, according to TMZ.But why? After all, Arenas has been telling everyone who would listen that it was “just a joke” and not a big deal — and insisting that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Well, it looks like he may be facing felony charges in connection with the incident. Personally, I don’t know why anyone is giving him the time of day — in any other job, possessing a weapon at work is grounds for immediate dismissal. Period. But then again, there’s the bloody players’ union — who, at least with the NBA, protects petulant children like Arenas, who obviously do not have any sort of self control or what we used to call home training.

There is also his $111 million contract that is at stake.

Washington Wizards player Gilbert Arenas and the U.S. Attorney are negotiating a plea bargain … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Arenas’ lawyer and prosecutors are discussing a plea in which Arenas would cop to misdemeanor gun charges. We’re told a deal hasn’t been struck yet, but it could come as early as today.Sources say the filing of charges would coincide with the plea, so it would all go down quickly. We do not know what they are discussing with respect to a sentence … the prosecutor would recommend a sentence but ultimately it’s the judge’s decision.

As for what a plea would do to Arenas’ status as a member of the Washington Wizards, we’re told G.M.Ernie Grunfeld and Arenas were text messaging each other shortly after the incident. In one of the text messages, Grunfeld wrote that Arenas had violated his NBA contract which prohibits players from possessing a firearm in a team or league facility. As a result Grunfeld texted the team had a right to void his contract … worth $111 million.


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