Did IMAX crew get pics of Bigfoot during 2001 documentary?

Sharp-eyed Bigfoot hunters have noticed something odd in the the background of an 2001 IMAX nature film.

The film, Great North, described by producers as featuring "the wild vistas of some of the world's most spectacular landscapes," may have picked up something a little bit wilder than the average reindeer.  During a sequence showing migrating caribou a dark figure – apparently a bipedal hominid – is shown for a tantalizingly brief few seconds. The figure rises from a ditch, moves to the right of the screen, then squats back down out of sight.

Bigfoot or big nothing? Hard to say with the evidence at hand.

The clip in question is below and the entire film can be viewed on Hulu here. The figure makes its appearance at 9:18. Look to the right center of your screen just beyond the water.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has been in contact with the producers and the cameraman who filmed this particular segment and they concede that it could be – could be – a production assistant charged with directing the herd (nature films are not completely natural it seems). But no one has said with certainty that it is a crew member and no crew member has come forward as of this date.


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