Looking Like Leno at 11:35, Conan at 12:05 — IF Conan Will Accept The Terms

And that's a big IF at this point. According to TMZ and a bunch of other places, the offer that's on the table — call it an ultimatum to Conan — will give Jay a half-hour in the 11:35 slot, and bump everyone else (Conan, Jimmy and presumably Carson Daly, although I'd dump him in a New York minute) back a half-hour. That would put Jay up against Letterman (in that half-hour where he's always been strongest), and put Conan head-to-head against Jimmy Kimmel (who he'd still have to fight quite a bit with) over on ABC. If Conan were to say no under this scenario, presumably, he'd be shown the door.

The other rumor floating around in conjunction with this has Fox picking up Conan and airing him at 11. Just keep in mind that NBC still has Conan under contract, and would not necessarily like the idea of him on Fox….


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