Instead of resolutions in 2010

With the closing of the year upon us, most of us turn to the new year with a bit of longing and desire — desire to make our lives better, and to forge a new start.

That new start can be in the way of rekindling romances that have soured, losing weight, eliminating bad habits, or forging new goals. By Groundhog Day, many of those are forgotten, while most of the rest go by the wayside long before the flowers of spring emerge from their winter slumber.

Everyone has ways they deal with so-called New Year’s Resolutions — although most of us simply decide what we’re gonna do, and try to stick to it. At least until we falter…

This year, I’ve got a new way of looking at the new year. Instead of getting specific — this year, I certainly want to get back in shape, clean up my relationships and develop a closer daily walk with God — it all comes back to some simple concepts.

First, what do we DESIRE — and what are we willing to EXPEND to achieve those wants?

Try this exercise with me. Get out a sheet of paper.

Yes. I know, it’s quaint and old fashioned. But this should work because there is tangible effort being made to put this into motion.

At the top of the page, write down the word DESIRE, and draw a line beneath it. This part may take you a couple of tries to get it right, but roll with it. What you want, i.e., what you are resolving to do can, at least in most cases, be boiled down to three basic lines. Write those three things beneath the word DESIRE at the top of the page.

My three are:


By fixing my relationships, I will develop the freedom to enjoy the company of those people. I will be able to look myself in the mirror in the morning and know I’ve done what is right to make those closest to me happy. I will be able to live my life unencumbered by hidden elements. I will gain the flexibility to do what I want to do. And I by doing so, I will literally be able to get back into shape to do, physically, what I want to do. I will be able to run that 5K race, or even run the Peachtree 10K this summer (Lord willing). Finally, by following my heart and my soul, I will be able to return to the daily adventure of walking with Christ throughout all elements of my life. I will be able to get over my fear of the unknown, and my fear of losing out. I will waste no opportunity to push life to the limit, and to enjoy God’s gift of life to the fullest.

Below your three desires, draw a line across the page, and write the word EXPEND in block letters beneath it, and like DESIRE above, draw a line beneath it. Likewise, there are three or four things you may come up with when you boil things down to basic concepts.

The three items I included on this part of the page are:


I have the will to win. I want these things more than anything else in life right now — at least in terms of things that are under my control. But having that will is nothing without the patience to wait when necessary. All of these things won’t happen during the first week of January; some may not even happen in January at all. Be patient. 2010 is a long year, despite how fast things happen. Be willing to work, and be patient, and those things will come to pass. Finally, my imagination is one of my most powerful weapons in my arsenal. With imagination, one can move mountains. Because with your imagination, if you can see it, you can perceive it — and if you perceive it, you can make it happen, no matter what it is. It may take time (there’s that patience again), along with effort and energy (gotta have the will to move that forward), but it can happen.

Take that page, and place it somewhere where you can see it every day. Some say putting it on the bathroom mirror works, others may want to put it in their daily organizer or on their desktop. But by all means make sure you can see it every day. And one day, real soon, you will start to see those things work. You will start to see those changes you desire begin to exert themselves, based on what you expend to get there. I’m looking forward to this. This ought to be fun.


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