The Long And Angry Road

I’m getting angrier and angrier, but after four years, my mouth has to remain muzzled — I’m still part of the Fourth Estate.

But the only words I can use to describe how idiotic thing are getting both out in Flyover Country as well as here behind the pearly gates are two of my old favorites (and those of you who know and remember me know what they are): “JUST DAMN.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Nancy Pelosi’s tantrum in USA Today this morning was more proof of the same. She (and by extension the remainder of the liberal wing of America) simply doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks who does not agree with her. She won’t listen to reason. She won’t listen to an opposing view. She won’t listen to rational discourse. She won’t listen to logic. She won’t listen to anyone with a mind to think for themselves.

She’s simply writing off anyone who is not part of the liberal elite in the halls of power. She’s waited this long for her land-grab, and now it’s almost in her grubby little paws.

And as witnessed by the lack of response to the physical attack on the St. Louis black conservative over the weekend by the union thug from the SEIU, along with other incidents, race is going to be injected wherever possible, and those of us with permanent suntans who disagree with the White House will be vilified and demonized as sellouts, Uncle Toms and far, far worse.

No worries. I still believe. The road may be a bit longer and harder than we all originally thought (sounds like the trailer from “Stargate Universe” — but I digress) — We are going to have to be tough. But we will get survive this. We’re made of stronger stuff.



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