Enough of the MJ already!

I was as much a Michael Jackson fan as anyone. After all, he was a heck of a musician. Nearly 20 years ago.

More recently, he had become a sad parody of himself, more memorable for his court cases and dangling of his kid out a Berlin hotel room window. Or as one person put it, going from being a pretty good looking young black boy to an ugly old white woman.

While I’m sorry the man is dead, he’s not the President. Enough of the wall-to-wall coverage already!

Of course, we won’t be so lucky. There’s going to be a full-fledged Viking funeral, complete with funeral pyre and the sending of his coffin-laden ship off to Valhalla, and the requisite tear-filled images on television, and non-stop video updates (like Fox’s Idol rerun of MJ songs last Monday night) until we all puke.

Behind this, Big Brother (which comes back to CBS next week), Bridezillas (I finally saw a piece of this over the weekend — and it’s a real trainwreck), and the Fox Reality Channel almost seem tame by comparison.

Just damn.


One thought on “Enough of the MJ already!

  1. I suspect that the adoration and cannonization of MJ has more to do with the worship of celebrity (any celebrity) than it does with MJ the person, and that is a shame.

    I was never a fan of his, but not recognizing the influence he had on rock, on style and even on wearing a single glove would be ludicrous.

    I’m with you, sick of the brouhaha even as I’m sorry he died.

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