Marketing Genius

No other way to describe it. Well, maybe tasteless, too.

Virgin’s ad folks hopped on yesterday’s Hudson River crash of a US Airways A320 to make their own ad so fast my head is still swimming (pun intended). They’ve got a history of quick, below the belt advertising.

Too bad Virgin doesn’t fly into Atlanta — yet.


3 thoughts on “Marketing Genius

  1. I’ll freely admit to having a really sick sense of humor. But even I’ll admit this is a bit soon and a bit over the top.

    I’m willing to forgive them — only because no one was seriously hurt or worse…

  2. And that may be the biggest reason “they” get away with it. Though having the chutzpah to tempt fate in sending migratory fowl toward one’s own aircraft engines seems a bit un-nerving to this old aviation (superstitious? why do you ask?) type.

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