Someone’s been watching ‘Heroes’ too much

Just ran across this entry on Craigslist today….


Hello, thank you for reading.
I have chosen to live a more bizarre and exciting life, and all exciting lives include an arch nemesis, to keep you on your toes day to day.
Not the kind of nemesis that blows up buildings or kidnaps people that I’ll need to save, more like the kind that we can exchange prankish sort of things, like hide in the bushes outside my house and spray me with a fire extinguisher on my way to work, to which I retaliate days later with something equally silly.
There are some requirements:
must have a handlebar mustache
must be able to speak with an east European accent
must wear a top hat or bowler
must own a cape
must have some basic knowledge of bizarre sciences
must have title starting with “Dr.” “Prof.” or “Mister”
must have scar on face
must have an “evil” pet or pets, like tigers or alligators or robots or homeless minions
must laugh with fists clenched

If you fit these requirements, lets set up an audition, and hopefully you we can start our epic nemecy.


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