New TV Channel: All Obama All The Time


With hundreds of satellite channels, all vying for your attention, a new channel has popped up on Dish Network: Channel 73 — The Obama Channel.

Apparently someone in the Obama campaign thought it would be a good idea to buy the space from Dish Network. The channel loops Obama’s two minute “Plan For Change” ad that highlight’s his economic plan — over and over and over again.

A Dish Network official says that the space was purchased by the Obama camp and does not represent an endorsement by the company of Obama’s candidacy.

Now how long before the McCain camp grabs space to do the same thing? No word from satellite competitor DirecTV or from satellite radio provider SiriusXM about doing the same thing on bandwidth from either of those systems…yet.


One thought on “New TV Channel: All Obama All The Time

  1. Does anyone realize that although Dishnetwork states that they “do not endorse the Obama campaign, that the corporate headquarters is located in Palatine IL…..Mapquest states thats about a 40min. drive from Chicago IL….Obamas “stomping ground”. hmmm….just curious.

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