I’m watching/reading/listening this week to…

This is the real season premiere week of the new fall season, with the return of “Heroes” tonight (ssshhh! I haven’t watched yet!), and all sorts of other wonderful media premieres floating around.

I’m going to start (at least every week or so) listing what sorts of good stuff is on my radar in through here; it may get old, it may not. Your mileage may vary.


Heroes “The Second Coming” – Season Premiere (NBC Monday)
CSI:Miami “Resurrection” Season Premiere (CBS Monday)
ChuckChuck Versus The First Date” – Season Premiere! (Hulu.com Monday/NBC Monday 9/30)
Eureka “From Fear To Eternity” – Mid-Season Finale! (SciFi Tuesday)
Fringe “The Ghost Network” (Fox Tuesday)
CSI:NY “Veritas” – Season Premiere (CBS Wednesday)
First Presidential Debate (On-Air/Online Friday)
Stargate Atlantis “First Contact” (SciFi Friday)
Gemini Division (Online at NBC.com)


Just finished Small Favor (Dresden Files #10) by Jim Butcher
and started Touch The Dark (Cassandra Palmer #1) by Karen Chance

Listening to:

Superman: Last Son Of Krypton #45 & Supergirl: Lost Daughter Of Krypton #17, both due Wednesday (and yes, I appear in both episodes as different characters)
The Kingery #2×06 due Friday
KCRW’s Good Food (Cuisines of the Axis of Evil; Mushrooms Clean Up Pollution)
Dave’s Lounge #130
Chillcast #130 (Ambient & Dream Pop)

All that being said, I’m finally about to get back to walking/jogging on a daily basis — at least I’ve got something to put into the iPod to listen to while walking…


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